Are you looking for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a hot new trend? Are you looking to get into the real estate market? Are you interested in getting some SWEATquity out of a property? Look no further than Syracuse, New York.

Properties in Syracuse, New York have begun to sell fast. There are even some documentary filmmakers looking to document young house flippers who are bringing this neighborhood back to life.

Properties in Syracuse, New York are going for as little as $1,000 dollars USD. While these properties are in need of some serious TLC, the increasing trends in the neighborhood suggest that there will be plenty of profit to be made.

These stunning ceilings deserve to exist in a home worth of their presence once more.

This cozy room would make a gorgeous library, sitting area or art studio. The natural light and bay window are breathtaking.


Houses in this area, in this condition, used to sit on the market for months on end before finding a buyer. However, thanks to a hot new trend on social media, properties are beginning to sell at a much quicker rate. With young people being priced out of the regular New York market, savvy investors are turning to these classic homes. Many of the homes are being listed with estimated costs to repair, making it easier to estimate the potential profits.

The light and flow in this home draws you in and begs you to explore further.


Gone are the days where everyone wanted vinyl floors, grey walls and white painted wood. Young buyers are now trending towards older homes with original character. This desire to buy and restore old homes has given new life to neighborhoods like these (see above image). The woodworking within these vintage homes will steal your breath away. These neighborhoods within Syracuse are reminiscent of a time when the economy was booming. When looking at the interior pictures of these homes, it is not hard to see why so many people are falling in love.

If you are looking to tackle a real estate project and do not mind applying some elbow grease, there are a lot of ways to restore an old home on a budget.

Don't let the rundown exterior of this old church scare you, there is so much beauty to be found within! Whether you have always longed to live in a renovated church, or you are looking to turn it into apartments, buyers and renters alike will love some of these beautiful features. Check out some of the interior shots below.

(Credit to and the listing agents)

This is absolute a must follow, must investigate, HOT TREND. For weekly real estate hot trends spanning all over the globe, be sure to check back and bookmark this page.

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